Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Fatherhood – it’s a Dad’s life .. featuring the Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L - Welcome to the Fatherhood

Hey Guys
After the pretty successfull Video by Fiat "the Motherhood" with a rappin' mommy they just released the male-version: The Fatherhood – it’s a Dad’s life.

Welcome to The Fatherhood.

Set in the dead of night, The Fatherhood follows a weary Dad-of-two trying to get his screaming babies to sleep by driving them around the neighbourhood. As he drives, he starts to sing about his long-lost youth and questions how he’s gone from Jack the Lad to Jack the Dad.

With brutal honesty and humorous irony he sings to his new-borns:

“It’s fine because I love you and I’d never trade your mother

“But in future I’ll be abstinent and double up the rubber!”

He goes on:

“You peed inside my bedding
“But know I’ll get my own back
When I’m dancing at your wedding!”

The Fatherhood is a humorous, edgy insight into the mind of a new Dad.

Inspired by a nationwide survey that revealed new parents drive on average 1,300 miles a year trying to drive their children to sleep, The Fatherhood is the second film from Fiat that tells the truth about life as a parent.

Even if I'm still no Fan of this ugly fat Fiat 500, nevertheless, here the Video for you:

How do you like it?


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