Thursday, March 28, 2013

VA VA VOOM with the Renault Clio [Video]

REnault Clio Video

Hey Guys
What a Test Drive! :D
Check out the Video and see what the "VA VA VOOM" Button does with the new Renault Clio ... and Boys, don't stop watching before the GIRLS appear ;)

A bit about the fourth Generation Clio:
All over the world the model is called 'Clio', except in Japan, there it's called 'Renault Lutecia'.
It's assembled in Flins (France) and in Bursa (Turkey). It's available as an 5-door hatch and 5-door estate and is based on the Alliance B platform.
What else ... it's 1,448 mm (57.0 in) high, 1,732 mm (68.2 in) wide and 4,062 mm (159.9 in) (hatchback)/ 4,262 mm (167.8 in) (estate) long. It was introduced at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.
And as the Video shows, a Test Drive with the new Renault Clio seems to be a pretty fun thing!



  1. Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  2. Need to test drive it! :D

  3. I'm missing the "Va Va Voom" - Song from Nicki Minaj! :D


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