Monday, April 22, 2013

BMW i8 Testing Vehicle spotted in Munich by William Soda

BMW i8 Hybrid Testing Vehicle

Hey Guys

After spotting the MINI 'Hybrid Testing Vehicle' today again at the same Place as the last time (Spotted: MINI Mule - Hybrid Testing Vehicle?) I was kinda sad that I haven't seen the i8 this time .. such a perfect Car ... and then one of you wrote me "I've just took Pictures of the BMW i8 on the Autobahn. Interested in some Pictures?" - Hell, yeah!

So, thanks a lot William Soda for the Pictures!! :-)

Check out his Facebook Page (William Soda) and tumblr: spotted the i8 a few Days ago in Munich as well:
Read more about BMW i here:



  1. Nice Car, love the i8!!

    1. Omg, nice pics of an awesome custom "wrap" on beemer on the Autobahn, no less.


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