Monday, April 1, 2013

BREAKING: British Touring Van Championship with Toyota

Hey Guys
Another totally BREAKING NEWS just reached me: Toyota will start a new racing series "for the masses" with the British Touring Van Championship!

True to the motto, "if something has a motor, it can go and race" in the UK, Toyota has now converted to a transporter for racing cars. The PROACE scheduled to start in July in the new British Touring Van Championship. Three private teams have already ordered their racing vans.

With the use of the van as a race car follows the demand for low-cost Toyota Motorsport, which will remain affordable for amateurs. "On the back of the seven square meters PROACE can carry everything you need to use on race day and had his emergency vehicle right there," said Gideon, "Gig" Gleman, the spokesman for the new series. "If something does not fit, it is not important for the race."

How serious is Toyota with the use of PROACE racing vans, should be sharp-eyed observers have noticed on British roads. So the cars practicing for some time in stop-and-go of traffic lights on the A4 west of London eagerly race starts and finish on the M62 24-hour endurance runs. Especially because the long-distance comfort is at truck race of immense importance. Also why are scheduled for later this month detailed test laps on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. There are teams at the prestigious trophy trucks compete with chances to win. Also the 24-hour race is being considered.


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