Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Heart of Ferrari"-Installation at Ferrari Store Regent Street, London

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A very nice tradition is currently taking place at the Regent Street in London: the annual Royal Institute of British Architect’s Regent Street Windows Project, that links fashion with architecture, and retail with culture to create a series of unique and eye-catching displays.

As the Ferrari Store is located on Regent Street they are of course taking Part at it as well. This years architects should create an installation that expresses the brand’s identity with a physical intervention that would engage and surprise the People.

And so Gensler architects as well as Icon and George Singer created "The Heart of Ferrari". One Window side, the "F1 window" showcases the technological prowess, modernity and innovation, illustrated via a pulsating brain, whilst the GT window embodies the physical and emotional manifestations of passion, love, tradition and heritage through the representation of a beating heart. Furthermore, the 3D sculptures were constructed from recycled materials to reflect Ferrari’s on-going commitment to greener technology and environmental issues.

The Window Installation "Heart of Ferrari" takes place at the Ferrari Store on Regent Street from Monday 15 April until Monday 6 May 2013.
If you are near London, enjoy the Store ;)


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