Thursday, April 11, 2013

#ADAMMilano - Opel ADAM Showroom in Milan

Hey Guys

Actually I wanted to create a post with some cool Pictures from #ADAMMilano, the temporarily Opel ADAM Showroom in Milan, Italy.

So I went to and searched for the Hashtag Opel told me ... and guess what ... I found NO SINGLE POST! Seriously?!

So I thought the Page would be probably not working as I'm accessing it with my slowed-down smartphone-hotspot ... So I sent out a Tweet with the Hashtag. WOHOOOO, Tagboard is working, so my #ADAMmilano Tweet is the only one. Awesome.

Then I went on Instagram to search for the #ADAMmilano Hashtag ... "no tags found" ... okay, maybe the ADAM is not that popular in Italy ...

And, at the end, can you imagine how I discovered the #ADAMmilano Showroom? Through Foursquare! Cool, eh!? Opel was posting a Tip to discover their showroom. And seems like no one did.

As I have no possibility to go to Milan just to search for this Showroom, is anyone out there in Milan and has already discovered it?
And took a Picture?
Would you be so kind to upload it anywhere you want with the Hashtag #ADAMmilano?

The ADAM & Milano Showroom is at Corso Garibaldi 51A ;-)



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