Sunday, April 14, 2013

Munichs love to drive Convertibles .. + Petrol Money Give Away

Hey Guys

Have you noticed the little bright thing outside? Yep, the sun is finally back, the birds start to beep and do you know what the best thing about this certain time is? Driving a Convertible! Yiha! \o/

Transparo (you might remember them from the 1st Parking Championship in late 2012) just released a study on which german cities love to drive their Convertibles the most. And here is the result:

With a total 4,6% Munich is definitely the Convertible-Capital of Germany. Right behind there is Cologne with 4,5%. On the rhird place is Hamburg with 3,6%. Frankfurt and Bremen both like Convertibles for 3,3% of all total vehicle registrations. Behind there are Essen (2,7%), Stuttgart (2,6%), Dusseldorf (2,3%) and Berlin (2,1%).
(Considering contracts that were sought via

Results by Region

Hamburg 3.61
Saarland 3.26
Rhineland-Palatinate 3.01
Hesse 2.95
NRW 2.94
Bavaria 2.88
Bremen 2.84
Baden-Wuerttemberg 2.72
Lower Saxony 2.52
Schleswig-Holstein 2.47
Berlin 2.08
Mecklenburg-Vorp. 1.3
Saxony-Anhalt 1.2
Brandenburg 1.03
Thuringia 1.02
Saxons 1.0

Nice to know, the insurance costs for convertibles are approximately 5 % higher than for regular "closed" Cars like Coupés or Sedans.

Give Away

Now to the GiveAway: In the cooperation with transparo I'm giving away each 100 € petrol money for two lucky ones of you. All you have to do is to write me an E-Mail with the Convertible you like the most to until April 21th 12:00 CEST and to cross your fingers. Afterwards I'll announce the winner and publish a List of your favorite Topless Cars ;)

Note: This GiveAway is only open for People from Germany, sorry!

So, hurry up, write me the E-Mail, share this site with your friends and win! ;)



  1. :) Good luck guys.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Is this giveaway open to German citizens or German residents as well? I am not German, but I do live in Germany. Thanks! ;)


    1. Hi Vasile

      For people living in Germany. So you can take part.

      Good Luck! ;-)

    2. Thanks for such a quick answer! :)


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