Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spotted: MINI Mule - Hybrid Testing Vehicle?

Hey Guys

"Oh, that's .. a i8, BMW i8 .. wow! Oh, and there a MINI Mule .. wow!"

Yesterday, while waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn from red to green one of these certain moments you know from TV and Movies happened: the whole world stands still for a few seconds and you are focusing just one thing and everything goes in slow-motion.

Well, as this happened to me just yesterday evening while the blue-tartan BMW i8 drove by, without any sound, I wasn't able to take any shot of it, even if I had my Phone in my hand. I was like freezed! But after realizing that I'm back in reality and the i8 dissapeared in the Munich evening-traffic I spotted another Testing Mule, the one you can see in the Pictures above and below - a MINI Mule. As the i8 hat the letters "Hybrid Testing Vehicle" on the drivers side I think the MINI is an EV/Hybrid Testing Vehicle as well. On Top I haven't heard any engine sound, so this is definitely confirming my theory. But sending the Cars out, during the evening-rush hour, around the central station in Munich .. that's not very intelligent BMW .. If you DON'T want the Cars to be seen, otherwise, well done.

But maybe the MINI was just a cover for the Technology of new BMW i3, debuting as a production vehicle this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Deliveries already start at the end of this year! The i3 will be also available for CarSharing-Users of DriveNow, can't wait for this :)

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