Thursday, April 4, 2013

The best CAR MEMES by

Hey Guys is an UK based "car community with some stupid thrown in" and a huge passion for CAR MEMES.

Here I'm presenting you my TOP 10 20 CAR MEMES people were uploading to their page. For more, check out their website! ;)

(At first I just wanted to choose 10, but the MEMES are so good, so TOP 20, for now) :-)

Aaaaand the final one, the BEST in my opinion :)

If you dont get these, they are all about such a weird thing called humor ;-)



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  2. Das Prius/Impreza Bild ist das Beste!

  3. The only one's that were worth reading :
    (1) chubby baby boy about passing w/ out downshifting
    (2) bill gates/ Lamborghini


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