Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With a Focus on People: New Renault TwinZ Concept Car

Renault Twin´Z by Laurens van den Acker and, Ross Lovegrove

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Earlier Today I already posted the Technical Data of Renaults new TwinZ, here now more Details about the Concept Car, making its Debut at the international furniture fair in Milan.

When the E-Mail with the Press Release reached me yesterday I was a bit confused: "It's an EV .. it looks pretty like the ZOE ... what the hell is this?" Well, the TwinZ will never go in Production, not only because the Fact that it's a Concept Car, but the TwinZ is the fifth of 6 Concept Cars by Renault focusing on different stages of the human Lifetime showing the "could be" in Design, Technology and Powering.

This "Concept Car Series" started in July 2010 with the 2-seater Coupé DeZir, symbolizing the Teenage-Phase of loving couples. The Crossover CAPTUR followed in March 2011, evoking the spirit of adventures, as a young couple. Symbolizing another lifetime, starting a family, the R-Space debuted in March 2011 as well. The EV-Van Frendzy gave a view into the Working- and Leisure-time. And now the fifth concept, the Twin'Z respects all the wants and needs of Mid-Agers.

The design of the exterior is influenced by the legendary Renault 5 and the first-generation Twingo, Renault created to allow her time to present valid milestones for the class of the compact city-car. The 3.62-meter long Twin'Z are the high waistline and large, forward position in the corners of 18-inch wheels. This design not only enables agile driving characteristics, but also the generous interior. Same time signaled the tight shaping power and security. All light sources are intentionally minimalist drawn headlights are designed with LED-technology. Together with the distinctive "eyelids", this makes for an optimistic, friendly expression. The side mirrors are replaced by cameras that blend aerodynamically with the body. The transparent rear spoiler provides additional downforce on the rear axle, the vehicle can not act but by its transparency misshapen. The battery for the electric drive is centrally located in the floor of the car, so the interior and trunk fully available. In addition to the low center of gravity ensures the underground installation of the raised seating position which allows an excellent overview of the traffic situation.


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  1. Love the Renault TWINZ !! Drive Drive


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