Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 MISS TUNING Finalists around TUNING WORLD Bodensee on May 9th

Hey Guys

Here they are: Anastasiya (24), Andrea (23), Bibi (23), Fee (25), Jeanette (26), Jenny (19), Jessica (25), Kathi (20), Kristina (26), Leonie (21), Luise (24), Madlen (22), Naomi (19), Natalia (24), Nina (24), Sabrina (23), Agnieszka (26), Angela (26) and Juliane (23).

Yesterday the MISS TUNING Finalists did a Press-Walk around the TUNING WORLD to shoot some Pictures on different locations. The first was with the red Skoda Fabia, the lucky winners future 'Business Car', then at DOTZ, with a Rieger Audi R8 with Barracuda Wheels and some Girls were able to drive the 4x4-Parcour in Jeep's.

On Saturday there's the Pre-Final where 8 Girls will be still in the Race and on Sunday afternoon the Final of all Finals for the Girls will take Place, the choice of the 2013 Miss Tuning.

Who's your favorite? ;)

Congratulations Leonie for winning MISS TUNING 2013!

Rad-ab wrote also about the Girls!


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