Thursday, May 23, 2013

2016: New MERCEDES-BENZ GT Sports-Coupé!

Mercedes-Benz GT (2016) - Larson/Auto Bild

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In 2016 Mercedes-Benz will release a new Sports-Coupe, the Mercedes-Benz GT! As a successor of the SLS, which production ends in 2015, the GT competes against the sporty but legendary Porsche 911.

The Mercedes-Benz GT will feature a Four-liter twin-turbo V8 (M177) with 485 hp. With a base price at around 109,000 euros the GT will be much cheaper than the SLS. The Mercedes-Benz GT S will cost around 145,000 €, featuring 550 hp and the Mercedes-Benz GT Black Series will store 585 horses under its hood.

The main difference between the SLS and the following GT, the GT won't feature the iconic wing doors. And without an all-wheel drive the focus is on a rear-wheel drive with fundamental Design features such as aluminum space frame construction, front-mid engine and Receive transaxle in combination with the long wheel base are clear Mercedes-Benz SLS genes.

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Picture by Auto Bild / Larson



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