Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Renault Twizy by Pioneer and Elia at TUNING WORLD Bodensee 2013

Hey Guys
Everyone who ever said "the Twizy sucks" should please shut up now ... as HERE is a TUNED Renault Twizy. Yes, you read right!

Renault Twizy + Pioneer + Elia = Tuned Renault Twizy.
It's so easy so I'm wondering why this is the first TRT (Tuned Renault Twizy)  I ever see?!

The by mobile performance, from Emskirchen  Germany, realized Project follows a "Lightweight & Energy Save Multimedia-Concept" and is called Renault Twizy Special. It features a Subwoofer, a Rear-View-Camera, a "Rear System" (I have no clue what it is/means..), "13 cm front composystem", a Navigation module for AVH devices as well as "1 DIN Multimedia Moniceiver mit BT-FSE".

Personally I don't exactly know what all this means, but in this case .. it looks good (especially the Elia Rims) and the Twizy has a Radio (finally) and a Rear-View Camera. What else to wish for if you own one?!



  1. ahahaha have no clue about this eiterh ahaahah

  2. Awesome! It´s my little twizy :-) Thanks for publishing!

  3. that looks damn good !!!! Great car


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