Friday, May 17, 2013

Roadtrip to IMM (International Mini Meeting) Day 1

Hey Guys

Today the second Day of our Roadtrip to the IMM (International MINI Meeting) starts, just about 400 km to Mugello!

Here some Pictures taken yesterday, during our first Day, while driving from Munich to South Tyrol. From Sun (of course we had the roof down), to rain and finally to snow at the Jaufenpass. Well, what else in May, in Italy..

What surprised me, our MINI Knightsbridge drives better than expected! Okay, it's one of the very very late models from November 2000 and the most powerful of our Road Trip Cars, but I expected in more old and broken and difficult. After a few kilometers I was perfectly used to the clutch, the gear and the coach-like steering-wheel. What a nice Car!

Right now we're starting for the final Part to Mugello. Stay tuned for my Live-Updates on Facebook and Instagram! ;-)

P.S.: Isn't the Mr. Bean MINI the coooolest one? :D



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