Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: GRIP - Das Motormagazin (Print)

GRIP - Das Motormagazin 1/2013

Hey Guys

Can you remember my little Interview in the german motoring magazine "GRIP - Das Motormagazin"?

Here I'm now reviewing the first GRIP-Mag of 2013 for you!

The first appearance of the Mag is definitely high-quality, but through it's price of 3,50 € definitely justified. In this Mag there was a little Extra, a Poster of the Porsche Turbo RSR Martini - can you remember when you used to read "Bravo" in the earlier Days of your Teenager-Years - that's why I now use to call GRIP "the Motoring Bravo" ..

After opening the Mag and a bold Audi R8-Ad smiling at you you can see a Group-Picture of the whole Grip-Team. I really like it when you have a Face to the writing Person, very cool!

After another Ad there is finally the Index with each Article's Pagenumber. 130 Pages in total filled with the "Best of 911" Cover-Story, something about the Ferrari Hybridization, Rockabilly Girls, a Aventador Test Drive and some more Stories and Cars - from Hypercars to Classic Cars.

What I don't understand .. they are mentioning a Lawn Mower Race, but not the Tuning World Bodensee - which is much more popular as this 'Event' and in a much bigger City?! Well..

The following Pages consist of some One-Page-Articles on several Cars, something about Jay-Z, the "Geneva Motor Show TOP 10" consisting of Press-Pictures and no Real-Pictures and some more Ads. Then they are comparing the Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series with the SLS Electric Drive until the Porsche 911 Stories fill some Sites. Among them a few Pages about Magnus Walker, some Pages later something about BULLIT and Steve McQueen and the Hennessey Venom GT, the worlds fastes Car.

Now the Interesting Part starts, a comparision of ALL the currently Available Cars with their release year, weight, max. speed, Power etc. followed by 4 Pages of "Rockabilly Girls"-Pictures before some DTM-Stuff and 3 Pages for Motorbike-Fans.

On the back I found a familiar back .. the MINI Paceman John Cooper Works. A Review on this Car will follow here soon ;)

Don't miss the GRIP GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Racing14 wrote also about the Mag, read it here (german!): Ein Blick auf Grip das Motormagazin & MEIN AUTO SCHLUCKT NOCH MEHR.... GRIP - DAS MOTORMAGAZIN (PRINT) IM TEST

By the way, the second of 2013 is already available to buy all over Germany since May 17th.



  1. Im Gegensatz zu der Sendung finde ich das Magazin Scheise!

  2. Thanks for your Link! Ich hab schon recht viel von dir gehört - und bin auch gespannt auf Ausgabe 2 vom Grip-Magazin. Hast du sie denn schon in der Hand gehabt ?

    1. Gerne gerne!
      Bisher leider noch nicht, aber im Handel hab ich sie schon gesehen..


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