Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roadtrip to IMM 2013 - Day 2

Riley Elf IMM 2013

Hey Guys

After a sun-rain-snow-rain first Day the second didn't start better: Rain, of course! When we arrived at Lake Garda, after 150 km driving, the rain finally stopped and after our Lunch-Break, when it was my turn again to drive, even the sun came out and Nicole and I opened our MINI Knightsbridge Roof!

A more detailed Review of the Car will follow the next Days, but what I really liked while driving our little MINI - everyone is SO friendly and positive about the Car!
After Lake Garda we switched from small roads to the Autostrada and soo many Truck Drivers gave us signals while driving by (It wasn't because of weird driving, definitely not!) or so so many heads turned around when they overtook us as we were driving chilly with 100 - 130 km/h on the right lane. Normally I'm one of those People always driving on the left lane, if I have a suitable Car, but this time I haven't even missed driving fast, overtaking anyone, making time good etc. The almost 8 hours of driving passed by so quickly that I haven't even time to complaint about anything. We had cassettes (!) with cool Music, sang and danced to them while listening songs like "Move on up" by Curtis Mayfield .. LOUD.

Sometimes I was really sad for the Car because of bumps on the Street. But Knightsbridge was always loyal!

Now we're finally of to the Mugello Circuit for the IiiiiiiiiMmmmmmmmMmmmmmmm, yai!

Enjoy your Saturday, hope you have a sunny one as well :)


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  1. Very cool, cant wait for your pictures!!


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