Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Automotive Clothes: Opel Motorsport OMS Sneaker

Opel Motorsport OMS Sneaker
Hey Guys

Through Twitter I've discovered these cool Opel Sneaker, to be exactly the Opel Motorsport OMS Sneaker.

43einhalb-Shop describes them like this "The Opel Motorsport OMS Sneaker is a piece of german history. It's an original and not a retro model. The shoes are more than 10 years old. The low version of the shoe was spread to all motorsports employees all over Europe. The color combination links to the cars of legends like Frank Wittmann, Walter Röhrl, Jimmy McRea (father of Colin McRea) and Sepp Haider, who achieved victories in their Asconas, Manta-400 and Kadett GT/E in the 70's and 80's. The Opel Motorsport is made of leather, has a comfortable soft inside, midsole, vario-lacing with a high abrasion-proof gum sole of non-slip allround-profil. The shoes are delivered in the original opel shoe box."

They are available in "Low" and "High" for just 35.00 € here: http://www.43einhalb.com/en/opel-sneaker-all

Opel Motor Sport OMS-3 Low
Opel Motor Sport OMS-1

All the Pictures are taken from the Shop's website!


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