Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Suzuki Swift Sport: HOW TO set the Cruise Control

Cruise Control Suzuki Swift Sport

Hey Guys

Nowadays Cars can do so many things, help us with everything to make driving more and more a passive thing. One of the nicer functions is the Cruise Control which helps you to drive at a constant speed and through this you save fuel. My previous Test Car, the Suzuki Swift Sport, had a Cruise Control as well and is located at the right side of the steering wheel, so you can set and cancel the function easily while driving with your thumb.

And how the Suzuki Swift Sport's Cruise Control works now here!

At the beginning I had quite my problems with the cruise control.. I was driving on the Motorway and wanted to set the maximum allowed speed, 120 km/h (75 mph), to cruise relaxed. So I pushed the 'Cruise' button once, the green Cruise appeared in the speedometer and I removed my feet from the gas pedal. Well, and instead of keeping the speed I was getting slower and slower and even a Truck started to overtake me. But what did I do wrong?

Thanks to my charming co-driver, who immediately grabbed the car's manual that was stored in the glove box right in front of her, I now know it!

My Problem was that I thought that I just had to push the 'Cruise' button and it would cruise by itself .. I even tryed the + button (as I wanted the Car to get faster instead of slower), but I was wrong.

So, if you want to operate the cruise control of a Suzuki Swift Sport you have to follow these steps:
  1. Hit the 'Cruise' Button once with your thumb
  2. Now push the 'Set | -' Button once
  3. To maximize the speed push +, to reduce it now -
  4. If you want to drive by yourself again, either hit the brake or push 'cancel'
    (As long as the 'Cruise' in the Speedo is still green you can ever restore your previous speed with the -, if you want to set a new, higher, speed, push the +)

I hope I was able to at least help you a bit and my former Problem will prevent yours ;-)


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