Monday, June 10, 2013

Gallery: Renault Zoe (2013)

Renault Zoe (2013) by Hafengarage Friedrichshafen
Hey Guys

After so many months of "When will it finally come out?" I had the awesome chance to drive the Renault Zoe a bit around.
The Test Drive Review will follow tomorrow, until then here my Pictures I've taken from the Zoe during todays Test Drive.

Huge thanks to Autohaus Hafengarage in Friedrichshafen for making this Test Drive possible!

the Dashboard with the range in km, your current speed and the gear's
the Renault Zoe Steering-Wheel
From the "Home-Screen" you can easily access everything (radio, navi, phone and fur sure the menu)
"Tour-Report" showing the way you're driving
Shift Knob


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