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Test Drive Review: Ford Fiesta ST 2013 - affordable 'beginner-Sportscar'

Ford Fiesta ST

Hey Guys

During the Tuning World Bodensee I had the chance to Test Drive the new 2013 Ford Fiesta ST for a few Days, here my experiences with it, what I liked and what I haven't liked that much.
I can definitely say, I haven't had to hide the Fiesta ST next to all the tuned Cars with hundreds of hp and customized paintings and and and!

For more Pictures, check out: Gallery: Ford Fiesta ST 2013

What's so special?

The 2013 Fiesta ST is not (yet) well seen in our german daily traffic but you should really have an eye on it as it's one of those Surprise Eggs you remember from your childhood with the best toy in it, but from the outside it looks gentle and maybe insignificant. Until you see the ST badge on the front, the spoiler on the back and in general the wider body. Under the hood a 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine produces 182 hp, accelerates from 0 - 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 6.7 seconds and with the Leather-Package the Recaro seats give you a perfect hold, even for 'smaller people' like me. And everything for just 19.990 euro or 20.990 euro with the Leather-Recaro-package.

What's to like?

Besides the Price, the whole concept of the Car is just .. great!

Thanks to the keyless MyKey-Key you just press the button to unlock the doors, jump into the drivers seat, push the Power-Button and hear it .. the roaring 4 cylinder 1.6 engine. Easily adjust the rear-mirrors and go. If you might wonder if its normal to stand at a stoplight and constantly play with the gas pedal .. it's normal. The moment the people look a bit weird at you is maybe the one that reminds you that you are not driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini, you are driving a Ford, with ST-genes.

The wide speed range was very pleasant - being in 6th gear with 50 (30 mph) km/h in the City to accelerate easily and later on the Highway, still in 6th, accelerating up to 224 km/h (139 mph) (my personal top-speed) and you still feel that the Car's not yet at its personal limit and you could push it even harder - Really nice!
When driving longer on the Speed-unlimited Autobahn you befriend yourself fast with the possibility to drive around 200 km/h (125 mph) on the left lane and one of those 'I'm scared of pushing my right pedal so I'm annoying everyone by driving not faster than 120 km/h'-Drivers suddenly changes on your lane. YOUR lane. Well, brake hard and reduce the speed from 200 to 125 km/h (125 mph to 77 mph) .. drive behind this purple Corsa until she finished her hour-lasting overtaking and push the pedal to the metal. Everything in the same gear, almost like driving an automatic .. until you drive curvy country roads ;)

Jay-Z's Song 'Can I get A ..' and Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' were my favorite Songs while driving the ST. Why? Simply because the fact that I had an almost empty McD paper cup stored in the co-drivers door and every time those songs appeared in my music playlist the cup was shaking and hopping like crazy to the beat. I wanted to try to make it even hop out of the cup holder, but forgot about starting this contest .. thankfully. Besides the nice bass boost (it's adjustable and just with the full bass-settings and a pretty high loudness!) the Sound was more than satisfying for me to play MP3-Music from my phone.

The official fuel consumption is at 5,9 litres (combined) but with my sporty driving I declare my reached 7,8 liters still as acceptable!
In normal configuration with 5 seats the trunk volume gives you 281 / 295 liters, or up to 979 when folding down the rear seats and filling it up until the ceiling.
Driving to unknown places is also no Problem thanks to the integrated navigation system, and keeping the speed (on the Autobahn) with the speed control which can be set through your right thumb at the steering wheel.

What's to dislike?

Well, for me it needed about 5 minutes to connect my iPhone 4S with the Car in order to listen to my own Music-Playlists and talk via Bluetooth. I don't want to blame the Car to 100% for my failure in such technical things, but it could be, in my eyes, a bit more self-explanatory.

I'm not so sure about this, is it good or not, but the Sound Symposer produces a great roarrring sound into the inside, but is it really necessary? No doubt, it's nice and helps you to believe that you're driving a Super-Sporty Car but sometimes it was just a little bit too much. When you hear the Power just in the inside, and not outside, is this still a serious thing? As said, I'm not completely sure about it, it's a nice gadget, but .. just for the people inside.

What I noticed, and what I haven't liked, is that the Trunks light is super-super-mini and so the light intensity is not sufficient! For example it's in the middle of the night, you need some smal piece out of a bag that's in your trunk .. too bad, you can't see it unless you use your Phone's flashlight.

For who is it?

The Fiesta is anyway a very young, playful and urban Car so my own specified target group for the ST is more or less the same as for the normal Fiesta, but maybe a bit older and more skilled in driving (sporty).
One of the great things about the Fiesta is MyKey, that allows Parents to give their Kids the Car-Keys a little bit more oftern than usual. With the Fiesta the 18-20 Year olds gain driving experience and the 20- 35 can have fun and enjoy driving, sporty driving, with the Fiesta ST.
For the - by numbers- elder ones I'd recommend the Focus ST or for families the Ford Focus ST Turnier (Station Wagon).

And if you once need more space, let me know if you want an Tourneo ST, I'll forward it to Ford and we'll see what happens if there are enough requests ;)


As already mentioned before, the Price for the 2013 Ford Fiesta ST is just STUNNING. For less than 20.000 euros you get the perfect Car if you want a first Sporty Car. The Cars that follow are written above - stay true to the blue oval ;)

My german blogger colleagues Fabian and Mario about the Fiesta ST:

Ford Fiesta ST


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