Friday, August 30, 2013

Accident-Free Driving with Assistance Systems by Volkswagen

Accident-Free Driving thanks to Volkswagen
Accident-Free Driving thanks to Volkswagen

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A future without Accidents might sound a bit like science fiction .. but might be pretty soon our real future, thanks to Volkswagen and their new Assistance Systems.
In the development of innovative driver assistance systems, Volkswagen is pursuing this vision as systematically as it is the concept of piloted parking and driving. Focal points of research and development at Volkswagen towards this goal are: improved perception of the vehicle surroundings and events in traffic, assisting the driver in challenging traffic situations, improving the safety of vehicle occupants and others in traffic and avoiding accidents and serious injuries.

Along with assistance systems for pedestrian detection – which initiate emergency braking if the driver does not react in time – Volkswagen is also introducing parking assistants that enable automatic parking and exiting from narrow parking spaces via smartphone. Moreover, Volkswagen is also offering a look at systems that can navigate fully automatically through road construction zones and systems that assume steering control in a medical emergency and safely brake the vehicle to a stop.

Current innovations by Volkswagen Development engineers working in the area of driver assistance and safety systems are other steps on the path towards accident-free mobility. In the future, they will offer further relief to drivers and make car driving significantly more relaxed, and above all safer for driver and passenger – and continue to guarantee the driving fun that is typical of Volkswagen cars.

Volkswagen’s latest innovations:

  • Park Assist 3
  • Remote control parking
  • Trailer Assist
  • Area View: 2nd generation
  • Emergency Assist
  • Construction site assistant
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • CAR2X safety
  • City Emergency Braking
  • PreCrash occupant protection system


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