Friday, August 30, 2013

Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport is UK's fastes Car under £30,000

Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport
Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport

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Did you know that the Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport is the UK'S fastes Car under £30,000? This sounds like a good value for money .. if the "SuperSport" is more than just a badge on the back.

But a top speed of 170 mph thanks to a power output of 325 PS sounds really nice. The SuperSport will be available with both the Insignia Hatchback and Insignia Sports Tourer. Both models have received a re-styled front and rear, with signature VXR design elements such as distinctive ‘saber-tooth’ detailing at the front and the tailpipe trim integrated into the rear valence.

With six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel-drive, the new Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport reaches 60mph from zero in just 5.9 seconds (6.1 seconds for Sports Tourer) and on to a top speed of 170mph. Its drivetrain incorporates an electronically controlled 4x4 system, operating on Haldex principles and an electronic limited-slip differential. It constantly adapts to prevailing road conditions and varies torque distribution seamlessly between the front and rear axles, as well as between the rear wheels.

Other important changes to the Insignia VXR SuperSport range include an all-new instrument panel and central console design, which incorporates optional Bluetooth-operated internet connectivity, an 8-inch touchscreen, 3D navigation and voice control.

The Insignia VXR SuperSport is available to order now, and starts at £29,749 OTR for the Hatch and £31,049 for the Sports Tourer. Both models will celebrate their world debut at Frankfurt Motor Show, open for the public from September 12 to 22. Stay tuned for my Pictures of the Opel Insignia VXR SuperSport on September 10!


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