Monday, August 12, 2013

Again at the BMW Box during the Oldtimer Grand Prix 2013

Hey Guys

And on Sunday I went again to the BMW Box to see, hear and feel the engines warming up and the drivers getting ready to start driving.

But this time I haven't just been walking from the BMW Paddock to Box Number 21, no, this Time I was really working ;)
As the Team is really nice and a helping hand is always required I was able to push a Car by hand, with others, to the Box. The Car was no other than the Brabham BMW BT52 Turbo from 1983. Within nine months the Mechanics Team restored the Car in which Nelson Piquet won the Formula 1 Championship in 1983. I don't think that such an possibility comes twice so I definitely had to do this! The 30th anniversary of this Triumph will be on October 15th. More Details on the Brabham BMW will follow in October, right in time before the Anniversary!


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