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What do you want to learn about Cars at THE CAR ADDICT SCHOOL?

The Car Addict School
The Car Addict School

Hey Guys

Welcome back to School on September 1st! Or better, welcome to THE CAR ADDICT SCHOOL!

What's this you might be asking yourself .. well, the THE CAR ADDICT SCHOOL, as it already says, is a School for Car Addicts. There you'll learn about Cars, the Automotive Industry and learn how everything goes and why everything is the way it is. Sounds simple, right? And it's going to be entertaining as well!

As I also want "not yet Car Addicts" to become real Car Addicts I'm asking YOU to submit EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Cars and the Automotive Industry!

Girls, this is also for you: Have you ever wondered what your Boyfriend/Husband is talking about? Just submit these things here and I'll answer them for you so you finally get a clue about what he's talking all day long ;)

Boys, I also think that there are (just a few) things you don't know yet?! Don't be ashamed, just ask them and I'll answer them for you!

It is super easy to submit your Questions and Suggestions!

You can either
  • use the Facebook Comment-Box below (you need to have a Facebook-Account)
  • use the another Blog Comment-Box below (you can comment "Anonymous" so no one will know who you are!)
  • use the Hashtag #theCarAddictSchool on Twitter or Instagram 
  • send me an E-Mail to

When is The Car Addict School open?

As it's an online school The Car Addict School is open 24/7 for everyone and everywhere - for free!
There won't be specific Dates (yet) but make sure to check it out especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

The School will have several "Courses" such as an HOW TO-Section, WHAT IS-Section and an About-Section.
How To's will tell you how something goes/works, What is explains you specific Topics and About presents you Companies and Personalities.

For the Entertainment Part there will be #TheCarAddictFACTS (you already know them from Facebook) with interesting Facts and Quotes. (Can you remember my Automotive Quotes-Posts from 2011?)

If you have any more Suggestions, tell me about it!

And now, comment everything you want to know and learn...



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