Thursday, September 5, 2013

Final Video: CLA Project by Casey Neistat

CLA Project by Casey Neistat
CLA Project by Casey Neistat

Hey Guys

Here it is, finally, the final "CLA Project" Video by YouTube Filmmaker Casey Neistat. In three Videos Casey explained the Process from this first meeting with the Car, a Mercedes-Benz CLA, in New York, a Visit to Stuttgart and a Trip to Europe, some Making-Of and now finally the end result.

All the three Videos made me really thrilled to see the end result for the past months. But .. I'm rather disappointed than crazy in Love with the result. And as we can read in the comments of the Video on YouTube not everyone liked the Video either. I'd love to have more Casey inside, and everything a bit slower so my eyes and brain could realize the Video better as every scene passes by so quick.

Well, but that's just my opinion - what about yours? What do you think?



  1. I was looking forward to see a great video, a great car commercial. But I am really disappointed. At least it is something special.

  2. Hehe, nice commercial. I like the new direction MB is taking.


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