Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HOW TO: Connect your iPhone with the Mazda2

Connect iPhone with Mazda2
iPhone and the Mazda2

Hey Guys

First of all: I'd have never thought that it would be so easy to connect my Phone with the Mazda2 - I mean, did the "Connect the Phone with the Mazda2"-thing even invent the word "easy"?! Who knows..

Anyway, a short Description for you on how you connect your Phone/Smartphone/iPhone with the Mazda2 in order to listen to your own Music instead of listening to the Radio or even a CD (what was this again?)

As mentioned before, it is really super easy to connect your Phone with the Car - the Stormy Blue Mazda2 I'm currently able to Test Drive.

First of all you find two flaps next to the hand brake between the two seats in the front. One one there's written "12V", on the other "USB/Aux". The first ist the cigarette lighter socket and power socket and the other one is the Music/Multimedia-Plug for USB and Aux.

So, all you need is your Phone's USB-Cable, connect it with your Phone and with the Plug/Car. Then start the engine normally with the ignition key, the Display in the middle now says "Hello" and if you connected the Phone before starting it starts immediately to play the - alphabetical - first title of your music files. Voilá, that's it!
If you want to want a specific playlist you can push the button on the right next to the round volume control under the 1-color Display. You can choose between Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres and more.

In case you accidentally disconnected your Smartphone with the Car, just use the "CD USB/Aux"-button to choose between the different sources for your music enjoyment!

If you want to listen to one specific song but you are not in the mood to flip through all your 500+ Songs on your Phone, just disconnect the Phone, search for the Song on your iPhone, start to play it and stop it. Then connect the Phone again and it starts playing this specific Song/Playlist. You have to do this as you can't operate the Music right from your iPhone as long as it's connected to the Mazda2.

If you have any more Questions, or if something might be unclear - just comment below!

Mazda2 USB/Aux
Mazda2 USB/Aux

Connect the Mazda2 with the iPhone 4S
Connect the Mazda2 with the iPhone 4S

Mazda2Smartphone (3)

Volume Mazda2
Volume Mazda2

Mazda2 Steering-Wheel
Mazda2 Steering-Wheel

Mazda2Smartphone (6)




  1. After i update mu iPhone to9.3.3 it stopped working. =/ do you know how to fix that?


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