Saturday, October 26, 2013

Drive Woman, Drive in Saudi Arabia! #SaudiWomantoDrive

Saudi Woman to Drive
Saudi Woman to Drive !

Hey Guys

For me as a female Car Addict I could never imagine that it wouldn't be "allowed" to have an interest in Cars and drive them by myself. Since Years and all over the World Woman are fighting for their rights and the "PRO equal pay"-debates here in Germany, Europe, .. seem so childish when it's about the human right to drive.

Did you know that Woman are not allowed to drive a car by themselves in Saudi Arabia, in 2013?

I know, this sounds like a super super bad joke, but this sh*t is reality and I really feel a deep pain and huge sympathy inside me and I'm so angry about all those very despotic and less developed men in Saudi Arabia. We all know that the Woman's rights are about equal or even lower than they are compared to the rights of a dog or a mice, in those "rich" countries. Unfortunately Money can't but you Brain ....


Everyone should have the RIGHT to DRIVE A CAR!

To show your Support, check out their Facebook Page (they deserve a minimum 50 million Like's) and share this cause with your Friends and Followers on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Sina, .... Send E-Mails and talk in person to your friends.

If you want to know more about the "Woman to Drive" Movement, I advice you this Wikipedia Article.

I'm really counting on everyone of you, no matter if you're female or male!



  1. Go Ladies, together were strong!!

  2. my prayers are for these women

  3. Equality for all humans on this planet!


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