Monday, October 14, 2013

BMW i3 Harman Kardon hi-fi system Video

BMW i3 Sound System
BMW i3 Sound System

Hey Guys

Almost one year ago, after driving the Opel ADAM with the Infinity Sound System, I thought that I found the maximum of sound quality in the segment of small Cars. But then the BMW i3 came with its Harman Kardon system and yes, I was so blown away by its super super great sound quality and the ambiance it creates inside the Car!

So I made this little Video for you to experience the sound quality as well. The Harman Kardon hi-fi system features a 360-watt 7-channel amplifier (5 x 40 W, 2 x 80 W) in combination with 13 speakers and DSP technology. All the speakers are inside a high quality expanded metal grille and they are located: 2 tweeters in A-pillar panel, above.- 1x midrange on the instrument panel.- 1x tweeters in the dashboard.- 2 midrange in door trims, front.- 2 midrange in door panels, rear.- 2 tweeters in the door panels, rear.- 2 bass speakers A pillar, bottom.

The Harman Kardon System is not equipped in the base model and so you need to add 800, - € to your equipment list before ordering. The Price is for the german market including all taxes, exclude them the price is at 672,27 €.



  1. Hello ! Using the Harman Kardon speakers, did it affect the range alot? (did it drain a lot of power?)

    1. Hey!
      No, the sound system runs on the normal battery. Not the main battery. I just ordred the car with this system. Looking forward for april 2014.....


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