Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember: Don't Drink and Drive!

Hey Guys

Taking the start of the carnival season, and also a very alcoholic one, here in Germany (11.11 at 11:11 am) as a good cause to talk to you a bit about Driving Security, things you should think about before starting your cars ignition ... in Fact Don't Drink and Drive is today's motto for us german Autoblogger to contriubute something for our all Driving Security.

Sure, basically everyone is his own Boss and especially after passing the "adult"-age on papers we young feel old and wise and think we can do everything and we anyway just do the best and fail never. And through this they might forget that they are not only playing with their own live, they might hurt or even kill some more uninvolved ones.

When beeing drunk all your body-functions go a bit slower and your ability to brake won't be that fast as it is when youre not-drunk and also seeing and reacting when someone's/somethings running in front of your car is not that fast anymore.

So Girls and Boys, this Post should have no parental-voice, but hey, just think about it .. don't drink and drive (and save lives)!

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