Thursday, December 26, 2013

Volkswagen crowned the ultimate Fan Food & WIN a VIP-Trip to WRC in Monte Carlo!


Hey Guys

First of all I wish everyone a merry christmas and I hope you enjoyed it with your family, friends and beloved ones. Besides lots of Food, some presents and almost no posibility to do something else than spending time with your family (some like it, some not..) there is just one disadvantage about the winter time .. there is no Motorsport happening so you're not able to watch something on TV or via the Internet.

But in order to count the days down to the start of the WRC Rallye in Monte-Carlo Volkwagen presents a Video and something very special but cool, they invented the ultimate "VW Polo WRC Fan Food"!
After testing different types of fast food like Pizza, Burger, Fries .. they found THE ULTIMATE Fan Food for Volkswagen Fans. It can be eaten even during watching it both in front of the TV and right next to the track and it's easy and delicious - the Currywurst!

On their website you can apply to become a Fan Food Tester to win a VIP Trip to the Monte Carlo Rally in January! So you could be a first one to test the Volkswagen Currywurst (it's pretty iconic) during Race Conditions as a Hardcore-Fan!
All further Information can be found on their website - lot's of luck!

For sure I don't want to withheld you the Behind-the-scenes Video aka "Director's Cut" .. enjoy it and are you also counting down the days till the start of the next WRC season? ;)


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