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The 20 sexy MISS TUNING 2013 Candidates (NSFW) ;)

Hey Guys

Here they are, the 20 MISS TUNING 2013 CANDIDATES!

These 20 Girls will have to demonstrate their Talent during the 4 Days at Europe's biggest Tuning Fair TUNING WORLD BODENSEE in Friedrichshafen next Weekend (May 9th to 12th). After a first decision on Saturday 12 Girls will remain for the Final on Sunday. The lucky one and Winner of the Title "MISS TUNING 2013" will not just win the Title, she will also shoot a nice Calendar with Photographer Max Seam, she will also receive a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo for one Year. Aand of course, and maybe the best thing, she will be the Face for the 2014's TUNING WORLD BODENSEE!

BMW Baby Pram / Buggy by Maclaren

Hey Guys

Combining luxury, elegance, and sporty styling, the BMW Buggy captures engineering excellence and innovative materials to deliver a high performance strolling experience. Weighing just 5.7 kg/12.4 lb, the buggy’s lightweight and compact design makes it simple to manoeuvre, carry, and store. Available in Black, Silver, and Blue!

Classic Car Meeting in Langenargen at the Lake of Constance

Hey Guys

What else to do on a sunny Sunday than going to a Vintage Car Meeting? Right, there's nothing better to do!

So, here some of the Cars at the Classic Car Meeting today in Langenargen, hope you like them ;)

Technical Data: Renault Twizy Renault Sport F1

Technical Data: Renault Twizy Renault Sport F1

DMV: Datsun 260 Z

Hey Guys

Let's start with a first Car from my visit to the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum in Munich last week: the Datsun 260 Z.

When you are entering the Museum through the Main Hall the Datsun 260 Z aka Fairlady is one of the first Cars you can see.

The Z-Cars are a series of Sports Cars manufactured by Nissan Motors Ltd.. The Nissan Bluebird / Datsun Bluebird is so the Fairlady's predecessor.

BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe at its last Day at the BMW Welt Munich

Hey Guys

Social Media rocks! Want to know why?

Earlier today (right at 10am, when the Museum opens) I went to the BMW Museum in Munich to have a look at the Temporary Rolls-Royce Exhibition (definitely a visit worth, read more about it here soon!) and for sure I've checked in to the BMW Welt via Foursquare and shared the Check-In via Twitter. After I've already left, the BMW Welt asked, via Twitter, if I've already seen the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe there ... Oups, no!
So I went back, right in time before the Concept was removed. Thanks to Twitter and the nice Man behind the BMW Welt Twitter (and Facebook) Channel I was able to take these Shots for you. Hope you enjoy them!

Some Words about the Car: The Concept 4 Series Coupe made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS) in January 2013 and will replace the BMW 3-series Coupé. The F32 4-Series will also share all technical features with the F30 3-Series and is planned to hit the markets as 2014-Models. The productio…

TEST DRIVE: BMW M6 Gran Coupé and BMW Z4 Roadster

Hey Guys,

today here's a strange other guy writing to you. I'm Sebastian from passion:driving. Why I'm writing to you?
Lisa received an invitation to BMW for driving the M6 Gran Coupé und Z4 Roadster in its facelifted version. As Lisa couldn't attend she gave the invitation over to me and so I'm here to tell you something about those two beauties I've been able to drive.

International MINI Meeting in Mugello from May 16th to 19th 2013

Hey Guys

This years International MINI Meeting is held in Mugello, Tuscany, from May 16th to 19th 2013. (Just 22 Days to go!)
Hundreds of MINI Fans meet up every year to have fun, relax and just to spend some quality time with other MINI enthusiasts.

You will soon read more about the Event here, till then, read here what's awating you..

Your favorite Convertibles!

Hey Guys

To be able to participate in the 'Petrol Money Giveaway' in cooperation with transparo you had answer one simple question: What's your favorite Convertible?

After announcing the two lucky winners on Sunday - Peter and Lisa - I've started to create an Overview of your most loved Convi's. As OpenOffice wasn't working the way I wanted (-.-) I did it by hand ... hope you can read what I've been writing!

List of your FAVORITE Convertibles:
Mercedes-Benz E-ClassAudi TTOpel CascadaMercedes-Benz CLK - BMW 1-series - Renault Wind - Porsche Boxster 981 - Toyota MR2 - Ford Mustang - Peugeot 207 CC

Congratulations again to the Winners and stay tuned for some upcoming GiveAway's! ;-)


TEST DRIVE: Audi RS6 Avant – Family Car or Sports Car?

Hey Guys

The third generation Audi RS6 C7 features a 560 PS (412 kW) 4.0 litre biturbo V8 TFSI engine with an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission, cylinder on demand, a fuel consumption of just 9,8 litres per 100 km/h (30 % less than its predecessor) and does the 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3,9 seconds. That's it, the main Data and everything Important. Anything else you want to know about the Audi RS6 Avant?

For sure you want! Through my Facebook I've asked you to submit Questions, so I will answer them first and write my final result and 'on-hands-experiences' at the End. YOU count, so your answers first ;-)


Hey Guys

After publishing the Pictures of the Audi RS6 Avant here the ones of the not less beautiful and sporty and nice Audi S3.

Read more about its 2.0 litre TFSI with 300 hp (221 kW) in another Post!

BMW i8 Testing Vehicle spotted in Munich by William Soda

Hey Guys

After spotting the MINI 'Hybrid Testing Vehicle' today again at the same Place as the last time (Spotted: MINI Mule - Hybrid Testing Vehicle?) I was kinda sad that I haven't seen the i8 this time .. such a perfect Car ... and then one of you wrote me "I've just took Pictures of the BMW i8 on the Autobahn. Interested in some Pictures?" - Hell, yeah!

BMW Motorsports and ART Cars at the BMW Pavillon Munich

Hey Guys

As I already told you, there are some nice BMW Model Cars exhibited at the BMW Pavillon at the Lenbachplatz in Munich. The other Day I went there again to take more shots of the Cars (still with the iPhone …).


Hey Guys

Here all my Pictures of the new Audi RS6 Avant. The Test Drive and the Answer to "Family Car or Sports Car" in a few hours, stay tuned and till then, enjoy the Pictures!

Carspotting Munich: Ferrari 599, BMW Z8, Aston Martin Rapide

Hey Guys

As you could already see on Facebook, I've spotted a nice Ferrari 599 this week at the Maximilianstrasse in Munich. But the 'rari wasn't the only Spot, there were also a BMW Z8, an Audi TTRS and an Aston Martin Rapide.

Right now as you are reading this I'm cruisin' around Munich with a RS6 Avant and a S3 Sportback - take a Picture if you are in Town and see me ;)
The Review will be Posted next Week, a Video might be going online today!

Test Drive Review Overview: AUDI RS6 Avant and AUDI S3

Hey Guys

On Saturday I have the chance to Test Drive the new AUDI RS6 Avant and the AUDI S3 Sportsback - Is there anything you'd like to know about the Car/s?

Comment below or tweet me to @thecaraddict ;-)

You can follow our Tweets with the Hashtag #AUDIRS6S3

Audi RS6 and S3 Test Drive Review Overview:
Picture Gallery: Audi RS6 AvantPicture Gallery: Audi S3TEST DRIVE: Audi RS6 - Family Car or Sports Car?TEST DRIVE: Audi S3 - S like Sporty or Sound?
Have a nice Friday!


Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum Munich

Hey Guys

As you could already see on Facebook, I've visited the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum earlier today in Munich.

I was litterally mind blown the moment I walked in the first of three big halls. They are all filled with EVERYTHING 'Mobility' - from the Motorpatentwagen to the Goggomobil, Adler 6, Mercedes-Benz SLR, smart electricDrive, Opel GT, Fiat 600 Multipla, (.........) to Trains Bicycles to Trucks to Motorbikes to Engines and so much more!

As I haven't had much time I was there for just one hour and shot about a thousand pictures (no kidding!). Up from now I will post the Pictures from time to time - so stay tuned!

This Page will be an Overview of all my Posts about the Museum, so bookmark it and you won't miss anything ;-)

Check out some another Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum (english)


What happens when a Roboter gets sick? Checking out the Ford RoboDoc [Video]

Hey Guys

Have you ever wondered what happens when a Roboter at a Car production Plant gets sick? I don't .. exactly. That's why Ford created this nice Video. But don't bother, the Video might be in german but there are subtitles in english, spanish, french, russian,... etc available ;)

"Heart of Ferrari"-Installation at Ferrari Store Regent Street, London

Hey Guys

A very nice tradition is currently taking place at the Regent Street in London: the annual Royal Institute of British Architect’s Regent Street Windows Project, that links fashion with architecture, and retail with culture to create a series of unique and eye-catching displays.

As the Ferrari Store is located on Regent Street they are of course taking Part at it as well. This years architects should create an installation that expresses the brand’s identity with a physical intervention that would engage and surprise the People.

And so Gensler architects as well as Icon and George Singer created "The Heart of Ferrari". One Window side, the "F1 window" showcases the technological prowess, modernity and innovation, illustrated via a pulsating brain, whilst the GT window embodies the physical and emotional manifestations of passion, love, tradition and heritage through the representation of a beating heart. Furthermore, the 3D sculptures were constructed fr…

Spotted: MINI Mule - Hybrid Testing Vehicle?

Hey Guys

"Oh, that's .. a i8, BMW i8 .. wow! Oh, and there a MINI Mule .. wow!"

Yesterday, while waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn from red to green one of these certain moments you know from TV and Movies happened: the whole world stands still for a few seconds and you are focusing just one thing and everything goes in slow-motion.

Well, as this happened to me just yesterday evening while the blue-tartan BMW i8 drove by, without any sound, I wasn't able to take any shot of it, even if I had my Phone in my hand. I was like freezed! But after realizing that I'm back in reality and the i8 dissapeared in the Munich evening-traffic I spotted another Testing Mule, the one you can see in the Pictures above and below - a MINI Mule. As the i8 hat the letters "Hybrid Testing Vehicle" on the drivers side I think the MINI is an EV/Hybrid Testing Vehicle as well. On Top I haven't heard any engine sound, so this is definitely confirming my theory. Bu…

Carspotting in Munich: Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster

Hey Guys

Have you been enjoying the sun today as well?

After visiting the Deutsche Museum in Munich (Post coming tomorrow!) in the afternoon I've decided to go for a walk to the Maximilianstrasse and Spotting Cars. On my way there some Bentley Continental GTC and Maserati Spyder as well as some Porsche Convertibles drove by and the only nice one at the whole Maximilanstraße was this silver Mercedes-Benz SLS Convertible... Unfortunately not open :(


Car of the Week: Vintage Porsche 911 (901)

Hey Guys

Kinda a Surprise, but a vintage Porsche 911 was never the "Car of the Week" before, so, let's change that!
(There have been the Porsche 356 and Porsche 997 GT3 RS as well as the Porsche 550 Spyder)

But No kidding, my heart immediately skipped a beat when I discovered this Maisto Model Car at the €uroshop (you get there everything for just 1 Euro). Of course I had to give this sparkling blue dream on 4 wheels a new home and bought it!

You might ask yourself why I used a flash everytime I shot the Pictures above and beneth … the nice sparkling effect just comes out in the dark when light hits it. That's why ;-)

Well, the Porsche 911, is there any more ICONIC Car? Okay, the VW Käfer, maybe, but a Vintage 911 is definitely on every wishlist of Car enthusiasts all over the world.

Introduced back in autumn 1963, and built until 1989, the 901, as it was internally called, was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, son of Ferry (Ferdinand) Porsche. Erwin Komenda, leader …

Munichs love to drive Convertibles .. + Petrol Money Give Away

Hey Guys

Have you noticed the little bright thing outside? Yep, the sun is finally back, the birds start to beep and do you know what the best thing about this certain time is? Driving a Convertible! Yiha! \o/

Transparo (you might remember them from the 1st Parking Championship in late 2012) just released a study on which german cities love to drive their Convertibles the most. And here is the result:

With a total 4,6% Munich is definitely the Convertible-Capital of Germany. Right behind there is Cologne with 4,5%. On the rhird place is Hamburg with 3,6%. Frankfurt and Bremen both like Convertibles for 3,3% of all total vehicle registrations. Behind there are Essen (2,7%), Stuttgart (2,6%), Dusseldorf (2,3%) and Berlin (2,1%).
(Considering contracts that were sought via

Results by Region

Hamburg 3.61
Saarland 3.26
Rhineland-Palatinate 3.01
Hesse 2.95
NRW 2.94
Bavaria 2.88
Bremen 2.84
Baden-Wuerttemberg 2.72
Lower Saxony 2.52
Schleswig-Holstein 2.47
Berlin 2.08

Interview with Andreas Mikkelsen – Volkswagen at WRC Rally Portugal

Hey Guys
10 International Blogs had the Chance to ask Andreas Mikkelsen, Volkswagen WRC Driver, each a Question, here now the Video and the Interview (below the Video).

Is the BMW Baby PRAM (Postnantal Royal Auto Mobile) Push Car real?

Hey Guys

Definitely one of my Most-Clicked articles and the one you searched for the most: The Post about the new BMW P.R.A.M. Push Car, published on April 1st.

But Guys (and Ladies), unfortunately ... it was just a Aprils Fool Prank ... Don't feel sad now, I have good BMW news coming up for you, stay tuned!! :)

Read here more about the REAL BMW PRAM by Maclaren: BMW BABY PRAM by Maclaren

Video: Ken Block hoons on Budapest Track In Ford Fiesta ST

Hey Guys
Can you remember when I wrote about the #FiestaSTBlockBuster Competition?

Ford just released the Video of legendaary Ken Block in Budapest.. I think they had some reeeal fun with the Fiesta ST. Enjoy the Video! ;-)

Mazda at the contemporary art at Milan Design Week

Hey Guys

First of all: well played Mazda! ;)

When I wrote about the ADAM&Milano Showroom in Milan earlier today I for sure posted the Link on Twitter as well. And Mazda answered AND send me a Link to their Showroom at Milan Design Week.

So here what Mazda writes...

"Design is clearly a central element of Mazda's convention-defying attitude toward automobiles. To celebrate its dedication to the functional beauty, as demonstrated by the award-winning “KODO – Soul of Motion” design of its new generation of cars, Mazda is taking part in Milan Design Week 2013 from 9-14 April. It has set up a special venue in the Italian metropolis, and the all-new Mazda6 with its stunning KODO lines will be there.

To start off this week, we invite you to take a look at our first pictures from the location in Milan. In case you like to visit us, please note the following information.

The MACS exhibit during Milan Design Week

Title: Forma Fluens
Artist: Giulian…

#ADAMMilano - Opel ADAM Showroom in Milan

Hey Guys

Actually I wanted to create a post with some cool Pictures from #ADAMMilano, the temporarily Opel ADAM Showroom in Milan, Italy.

So I went to and searched for the Hashtag Opel told me ... and guess what ... I found NO SINGLE POST! Seriously?!

So I thought the Page would be probably not working as I'm accessing it with my slowed-down smartphone-hotspot ... So I sent out a Tweet with the Hashtag. WOHOOOO, Tagboard is working, so my #ADAMmilano Tweet is the only one. Awesome.

Then I went on Instagram to search for the #ADAMmilano Hashtag ... "no tags found" ... okay, maybe the ADAM is not that popular in Italy ...

And, at the end, can you imagine how I discovered the #ADAMmilano Showroom? Through Foursquare! Cool, eh!? Opel was posting a Tip to discover their showroom. And seems like no one did.

As I have no possibility to go to Milan just to search for this Showroom, is anyone out there in Milan and has already discovered it?
And took a Picture?

DTM and 24h Race Reporter with ZF Motorsport

Hey Guys

Have you ever dreamed of checking out the Pitlane of a Motorsports Event like the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) or the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring, have a chat with some of the Drivers and a Camera follows you and YOU are the Reporter? Then this might be pretty interesting for you!

ZF Motorsport is, again, scouting for a ZF Race Reporter. If you are one of the Lucky ones to win you will spent a whole weekend at the race track, create LIVE-Videos for ZF and all the millions of people that will be interested in what you're experiences are like "behind the show". All the stuff will be posted at the ZF Motorsport Facebook Page. Hit Like and you won't miss anything!

But no bother, you don't need to have any Talent except a Love for loud engines and even louder engine-sounds ;)
You can apply for each of the following events here. It's only open for german people (sorry Guys!) and there you can read more about the Terms and Conditions as well.

And …

What Makes a Dangerous Road?

What exactly dictates the safety of a road journey depends on a variety of factors – including weather, traffic, and the condition of the road itself. While you may think the drivers who share the road on your morning commute are the worst drivers in the world, you might be surprised to find out some of these details about the ups and downs of driving.
Check out these infographics for a rounded look at the kind of trials and tribulations drivers face every day, no matter which country they happen to be in.
In the UK, road safety is a constant concern. Though accidents happen every day all over the country, this infographic gives you an insight into where the most fatal accidents occur. Definitely food for thought if you’re thinking of using these roads.

A little further afield, and the US has its own fair share of difficult or dangerous roads. If you’re planning a road trip around the state, get in the know about the best and worst states with the infographic below.

Depending on wher…

Do Mercedes Dominate on the F1 Track Like on the Road?

They’re one of the biggest and most respected names in motoring, but while Mercedes enjoy a great reputation for producing great cars for the road, does their track record in Formula One match it?
Throughout the decades, the German firm have become known for making reliable and luxurious vehicles which are, more often than not, pretty good to drive.

Top of the class
Some of Mercedes’ most famous models - including the CLS - have helped to put Mercedes among the biggest names in the motoring industry; especially at the higher end of the market. Their main competitors include BMW and Audi, although in some respects they’re streets ahead. However, competition in F1 is considerably more intense.
Three teams currently use engines made by Mercedes: McLaren Mercedes, Mercedes and Force India. The three teams are all in the chasing pack, currently trying to make up ground on the top two teams in Ferrari and Red Bull, who both look like duelling for the 2013 Constructors’ Championship leaving…

With a Focus on People: New Renault TwinZ Concept Car

Hey Guys

Earlier Today I already posted the Technical Data of Renaults new TwinZ, here now more Details about the Concept Car, making its Debut at the international furniture fair in Milan.

When the E-Mail with the Press Release reached me yesterday I was a bit confused: "It's an EV .. it looks pretty like the ZOE ... what the hell is this?" Well, the TwinZ will never go in Production, not only because the Fact that it's a Concept Car, but the TwinZ is the fifth of 6 Concept Cars by Renault focusing on different stages of the human Lifetime showing the "could be" in Design, Technology and Powering.

This "Concept Car Series" started in July 2010 with the 2-seater Coupé DeZir, symbolizing the Teenage-Phase of loving couples. The Crossover CAPTUR followed in March 2011, evoking the spirit of adventures, as a young couple. Symbolizing another lifetime, starting a family, the R-Space debuted in March 2011 as well. The EV-Van Frendzy gave a view into…

Technical Data: Renault Twin'Z Concept Car

Technical Data Renault Twin'Z Concept Car
DimensionsLength (mm): 3627
Width (mm): 1705
Height (mm): 1506
Wheelbase (mm): 2495
Length (mm): 3627

Technical DataEngine: Electric Motor
Power (kW / hp): 50/68
Battery: Lithium ions in the underfloor position
Voltage (V): 96
Maximum torque (Nm): 226
Maximum Speed ​​(km / h): 130
Transmission: Reduction with forward and reverse gear
Drive: rear-wheel drive
CO2 emissions (g / km): 0 (During driving)
Tire: 205/40 R18

Chassis and BodyFront: McPherson
Rear: double wishbone
Chassis: tubular space frame
Body: Carbon

PartnerStudio Design Estival: Production and assembly
Michelin: tire
Samsung: operating system
IRCAM: Sound Generator
Lovegrove Studio: Design

Click HERE for more Information!


BMW 320i ART CAR by Roy Lichtenstein at the BMW Pavillon in Munich

Hey Guys

As my final exams (3, to be exactly) are right around the corner the next few weeks will be all about learning, smashing folders and pencils against walls and learning and much more learning.
As you see, blogging won't be on my Top-Priorities-List.. but nevertheless I'll try to update the Blog as often as possible! :)

Yesterday I went for a lil walk and walked by the BMW Pavillon near the Karlsplatz/Stachus in Munich. Normally the BMW Pavillion isn't really interesting, compared to the BMW Welt, but this time, bäm. First my eyes caught "some model cars in the window", then I was walking closer and yai, the famous ART CARS by BMW in miniature! I definitely have to go back soon to take at least one Picture of each Car.

As I just had my iPhone with me for now just an Instagram-Shot of the BMW 320i, made to a Piece of Art by Roy Lichtenstein in the 1970s.


Pictures of the All-New 2014 BMW Concept X4 (F26)

Hey Guys
Let's start the Day (here in Europe, good night US, good afternoon Asia and Australia) with the All-New BMW Concept X4. Another SUV, sigh. Another rival for the P.R.A.M., sigh.

Oh,wait, no, it's not a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), it's a SAV (Sports Activity Coupe). Good to know!

With the BMW Concept X4 (F26), debuting at this years Auto Shanghai, the BMW Group offers a preview of the future of the BMW X family. The new Sports Activity Coupe concept from BMW is poised to continue the success story of the BMW X6 in a new vehicle class. Eye-catching proportions, tight contours and numerous high-quality details produce an unrivalled product character brimming with emotional appeal, dynamism and the sturdiness you would expect from a BMW SAV, while at the same time holding out the promise of out-standing performance and driving dynamics.
All of this can be experienced when the BMW X4 production model rolls out of the factory for its market launch, scheduled for 2014.