Saturday, February 1, 2014

A water producing Car .. Mercedes-Benz F-Cell

A water producing Car .. Mercedes-Benz F-Cell
A water producing Car .. Mercedes-Benz F-Cell

Hey Guys

Would you believe me if I'm saying that you can survive, just by driving your Car? Okay, you're right, this might sound a bit too odd and strange, but it is reality!

Already today the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell can produce water. Or it's the only thing that leaves the car as emission. You're still a bit too mind-blown about this thing? Check out the Video and belive what your eyes see.

In this Video by Mercedes-Benz you can spot both Hollywood Actors Diane Kruger as well as her life partner Joshua Jackson. Both received a Mercedes-Benz F-Cell. The F-Cell only needs CO2, so simple air, to drive and the only thing that leaves the Car's "exhaust", if you can call it like this, is pure H2O, simple water. You can read more about the Fuel Cell technic over at wikipedia.

Diane and Joshua weren't just driving under normal conditions somewhere in Hollywood or so, no, they were touring the Defying Death Valley for more than 2 days with no water. They simple lived with, and thanks to, the water the F-Cell produced. There was an extra water tank added, normally the water is just emitted to the environment.

Make sure to check out my Pictures of the F-Cell concept, taken back in March 2011 at the Mercedes-Benz Gallery in Munich.

It wouldn't be only great for camping, also for our general future live!

Enjoy the Video and comment below what you think about such a technic to power a Car and even produce your own water with it!



  1. This is indeed crazy!

  2. This brings up a couple questions for me:

    Is the water filtration system internal to the car or on the tank?

    What kind of horsepower does the car produce?

  3. It’s amazing if it’s true. Launch the same car in the deserts of Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries where there is a shortage of water for more sales :P


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