Friday, June 6, 2014

the BMW i8 Google Glass Experience

BMW i8 Google Glass Experience
BMW i8 Google Glass Experience

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There are some certain things that just match perfectly together, just like pitch and sulfur, the sunlight after a summer rain or the BMW i8, the new Plugin-Hybrid Sportscar by BMWi, and Google Glass. What, some smpartphone gear and a sportscar with new technologies, this sould fit together. It does, perfectly, if you connect both!

If you should be lucky to travel from, to or via the german Airports Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg you should definitely pay attention to an BMW i8 and some, surely, helpful stuff. And if they have a free Google Glass around, jackpot! You should definitely take the time to try this BMW i8 Google Glass Experience!

Just imagine you are having a certain App on your smartphone and, for sure, you're anyway waring your Google Glass. Now you have to start the App and scan the shown QR-Code with your Google Glass. Now you're ready, the App and Google Glass are connected, the experience can start. Now, if there is a BMW i8 around, just walk towards it. I did it from the front left side and for sure I checked out the car, moved my head to the left and the right and within one second the picture stand still. And a second later the laserlight popped up and I could clearly see the light through the Google Glass Display - wow!

But yes, I want to withheld you the other features of this App and the Google Glass Experience. So, if you are lucky to travel from the Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg Airport, plan some extra time to check out the i8-Booth and experience it by yourself, it is a pure joy and you learn a lot about the Car, in a complete new way. Congrats BMWi for this idea and development!
For now there is just this experience planned, it they have something more at one point I will definitely tell you about it!

So, have you had the chance to test it yet, or did a friend of you, or what do you think about this interactive way to discover a Car and its features? Comment below!

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  1. Here is another new version of BMW model BMW i8 after BMW i3 and others; BMW I series is especially known for electric hybrid cars. It consists of several modern features and specifications and I am sure that it can definitely change our driving experience and I hope people around the world is now going to experience BMW i8; here we have found a unique experience of Google Glass.


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