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"... You can never have "enough" Cars!"


Name: Lisa the Car Addict
Age: 21 (born in 1993)
Located in: Lake of Constance, Germany
Social Media: You can find me as "TheCarAddict" on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, ... and as "autofreak4ever" on YouTube.

I Blog because... I want to share my addiction to Cars with othe People, share my Carspotting-Sights, talk about relevant automotive stuff, expire new things, explain automotive subject to "not-yet-Petrolheads", ...
I Blog since: January 1st 2011 - so everyone celebrates the Blog's Birthday ;-)
I write in English because... I want to reach everyone with my Blog, not just the german People.
Do you write your Blog alone? Yes, I am the only one writing for The Car Addict!
Do you write for other Blogs? Besides my own Blogs I've already written Articles for the official corporate Blogs of Opel and Audi.
"The Car Addict" in 10 Years? Phew ... OF course I'd like to make more and more People happy by reading what I'm writing, attending more and more Events to give YOU, the Readers, more and more insights into them, Companys and the automotive world in general. Aaaand to do more Roadtrips!
On the other side I also want "The Car Addict" to be a Source for non-Petrolheads to get to know more about Cars and Motorsports and make them Car Lovers as well.

The coolest thing that happend to me while blogging: Definitely meeting Alan Mulally (Ford CEO) and the nice E-Mail he wrote me. But through this I also want to mention all the other nice People and Inspiring Personalities I've met the past Months during several Events.
Favorite Car: There are way too many ... let's start with: Classic Mini, Porsche 993 turbo (by RWB *_*), Renault Dauphine, Merc 190 EVO, ...
Why do i LOVE Cars so much? Simply because ... I love Cars since I went to Kindergarten. I don't know anything different ;)

Inventor of the "Kiss the engine"-Day on July 12th International Kiss the engine Day

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Who Reads The Car Addict?

According to several Statistics (like the ones from Facebook, YouTube, alexa, ....) most of the Readers are male and aged between 18 and 44. The most Followers on Facebook are aged between 18 and 24.
The most access the Blog from the US, UK, Germany, India, Italy, China, Russia and a lot more Countries all over the world.


This Site is owned and edited by Lisa Schwarz. To contact me please use the E-Mail address above.

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