Road Trips

As a huge Road Trip enthusiast I've decided to create an own Category here on the Blog! I've already done a few and a lot more will come, promissed.

I won't just share my "driving from a to b" stories but also "how to prepare a road trip", "how to find the perfect road trip route" and similar stories.

In case you need a source of Inspiration, check out: (wow!)

The Comment function down here is open, so feel free to share your thoughts!

  • Starting to plan the Road Trip to Lake Como for Concorso d'EleganzaVilla d'Este 2013

  • 2013 Road Trips

    May 2013: Lake of Constance - Lake Como - Flower Riviera - Lake of Constance = 2000 km
    June 2013: Italian and French Riviera
    no date yet:
  • Visiting ALL the Automotive Museums in Italy

  • Roadtrip to the Škoda Muzeum in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

  • E-Mobility Roadtrip

  • more to come - Any Road Trip Idea? Drop me an E-Mail!

    2012 Road Trips

    • March 2012: 350km Roadtrip from Zurich to Geneva: Hunting the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class
    • June 2012: 1000km Roadtrip from LeMans to the Lake of Constance

    • September 2012: 1000km Roadtrip from Munich to Paris for the Paris Motor Show

    .. please note: this Page is still under construction.


    1. A road trip I really want to take is essentially zig-zagging the United States. Starting in either northern Maine, or southern California. It'd be a blast. You could also stop along the way. Ah.. one day!

      Take care!

    2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.


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